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Devolution: Changing The Way You Live.

Oswego Design & Remodeling Special Feature Living Installation at the Portland Home & Garden Show. Showcasing changes in the way we think of and live in our homes. 
Installation included living plants, interactive, accessible interior & exterior living spaces, living landscaping & raised vegatable beds and even a custom Urban Farmer Chicken coop with live chickens!!

Portland Home & Garden Show
Wed. Feb. 22- Fri. Feb. 24, 11am-8pm
Sat. Feb. 25, 10am-8pm
Sun. Feb. 26, 10am-6pm
Portland Expo Center

This isn’t an example of a fantasy or dream home, it is about a brilliantly designed living space - based in reality. If you are looking for a sense of place, a refuge from the everyday stresses of life, and a beautiful home that regenerates your being – this wonderfully conceived home show feature home setting is a must see at the show.

“We want to show a living space that provides the essentials that are necessary and important to us and highlights more than the basics of sustenance and shelter – within an elegant, modern, and functionally designed, cost effective home. We want this indoor/outdoor living space to show how comfort, efficiency, ergonomics, economy, and sustainability can all come together. A place to gather with family and friends where you can feel connected to the outdoors, be able to grow some vegetables, herbs, and perhaps even a few fresh eggs with your own chicken coop,” said Barb Friedman of Oswego Design & Remodeling, Inc. –the creator of the home display at the Portland Home & Garden Show.

Our perception of what our homes need to be has changed. And Devolution: Changing the Way You Live shows that new homes are smaller, existing homes are being remodeled and updated, with fewer additions of space but rather, re-framing & repurposing existing space. Universal design which is ergonomic design for greater accessibility & higher function. We want more from our homes; the formal living, dining, and bedrooms designated solely as guest rooms and occasional use are falling by the wayside in favor of great rooms, kitchen gathering rooms, multi-purpose rooms and flexible use space. And as we are moving forward with new building materials and technology, we are simultaneously stepping back to reconnect with nature, economy and efficiency.

Feature Highlights

“More Americans today, are planning to stay in our homes and our communities rather than pursue retiring to some adult/retirement community in another location. There are several factors affecting this huge societal shift: Our sense of community has increased and our home equity and retirement funds decreased, retirement is coming later in life and many want or need to keep working later into life. This living space is modeled toward that eventuality,” noted Friedman.

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